About the Columbus Asthma Society

The Columbus Asthma Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and information to those in Ohio with allergies and asthma. Founded in 2012, our growing membership is benefitting from the addition of top allergists and respiratory professionals in the Columbus, Ohio area.

In our quest to inform and spread awareness, we strive to reach out to the public with the latest research and treatment for both asthma and allergies. Quarterly meetings with guest speakers, research innovations, and education are all a part of what we offer.

We have the latest studies and education about cutting edge treatment. Rather than submit those with severe allergies to weeks and months of shots, we educate members to ask their doctors about rush immunotherapy for relief within weeks.

Education not only includes finding the best allergy doctors in the Columbus, Ohio area and treatment for allergies and asthma, we also focus on identifying symptoms of asthma.
We want you to control your life, not have your life controlled by asthma or allergies. By providing you with the most up-to-date information about the most successful treatments and new research, we want to help you regain that control.

Whether you want to know more about rush immunotherapy vs. regular allergy shots or you are wondering why allergy testing is essential to asthma management (to help identify triggers), the Columbus Asthma Society is here to help you.